We are a laid back, custom tattoo shop located in New York City. Easy to reach in Ridgewood, Queens one block from the Forest Ave M Train or a short walk from the Myrtle-Wyckoff L Train. The Q39 & Q58 buses are also nearby.

TTC specializes in realistic wildlife & floral tattoos, painterly-style work, illustration, intergalactic space themes, abstract art, post-mastectomy tattooing, & more.  We are not a Traditional Americana or Japanese Tattoo Art studio. All tattoos are by appointment only.  We do not have regular business hours, so please schedule a consultation before coming. For general questions, email us at trinitytattoocollective@gmail.com.  

Please contact us directly to schedule an appointment:

joyrumoretattoos@gmail.com                                                  dorothytattoos@gmail.com